Heritage Strategic Sourcing will help you save money and improve services delivery

Our trusted advisors provide the level of Sourcing Advisory Services and operational expertise often found in the tier 1 advisory firms and service providers. Each advisor brings a wealth of experience that accelerates time to results, reduces risk and cost. Our emphasis on flexibility lets our clients focus efforts to address specific issues or broad initiatives. Heritage Global Solutions will ensure the success of our clients’ efforts to improve service delivery, reduce costs and create a delivery model for the sustained service improvement required in these challenging times.

HGS will assist in all aspects of the sourcing process and in the design and management of our clients’ future services delivery environments. We are committed to providing exceptional value through these processes.

• Strategic IT Planning: Linking the business goals to the IT Strategy with an emphasis on leveraging the external service providers.
• Sourcing Transaction Initiatives: Assisting or leading the launch, source selection and contracting of an initiative.
• Service Provider Evaluation: Assessing the design of the service delivery approach and the performance of the Service Provider(s).
• Program Management for Transactions and Transitions. Sourcing training for the PMO or Service provider Management Office.

Strategic Sourcing Approach

Past Performance:

• Assisted or lead source selection and contract negotiations for outsourcing engagements ranging from $50M to $2.5B TCV in several industry groups. For example, the creation of a new outsourcing agreement that restructured service agreements reduced workforce by 127 and saved approximately $45 million over 5 years.

• Assisted a major client in the establishment of a partnering model that ultimately reduced the number of service providers from 16 to 2 -- saving millions of dollars.

• Assessed the performance of several established external service providers. Designed new service delivery model linking services to specific business functions and based on a fixed price with appropriate SLA’s. In one case, a $50K consulting effort generated a $700K savings without a reduction in scope or service levels.